Illinois Emergency Care for Choking Poster

I just received an e-mail concerning a poster that needs to be displayed concerning Emergency Care for Choking in state of Illinois.  The way the e-mail reads that it should be on the state poster.  I supposedly have the most current Illinois Poster and there is nothing on the poster concerning choking.  So is this suppose to be a separate poster or do I already have an outdated poster.  Can anyone help me with this? Thanks.


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  • We use a service that keeps us up to date.  They've proven reliable over the years and I throw out letters, faxes, and emails from other poster providers.


    We use Personnel Concepts (dot com, of course).  You buy a subscription in 1 year blocks and they send you a poster and updates during the time frame of the subscription.  They call you and send an invoice before your subscription ends.  It's a clean transaction.  They cover both state and Federal posting requirements.

  • I have the same type of service that TXHRGuy has, but I use Labor Law Center, Inc.  I would recommend a service like this, as you don't have to worry about remembering to order a new poster everytime the law changes.  Last year alone I think I got 4 different sets of posters between federal and state changes.

    To answer your specific question about the poster, I would call one of the services like these and ask them what the requirements are for your state and see what they tell you.  Or better yet, call both of them and see if you get the same answer.


  • Are you a food service facility? 



    The poster explains emergency care for conscious and unconscious choking victims. It has a place to list an emergency phone number.

    While it must be posted in every food service facility, it could help if your employees eat on the premises. The poster is available in Spanish.

    This poster is available from:

    Illinois Department of Public Health
    Division of Emergency Medical Services and Highway Safety
    525 West Jefferson, 3RD Floor
    Springfield, IL 62761

    I do agree that a Poster service can be helpful. However most states provide posters for free.  Personally I just check my state's website on a frequent basis....



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