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We typically start getting a little short on staff duing the central 6 months of the calendar year.  Consequently, we also typically start ramping up our recruitment efforts.  This year, we're really spending a lot more time on this area.  One thing we haven't really looked into as well as we should have is whether or not the messages we send in our recruitment efforts line up with the actual reasons people have for working here.  Does anybody have any questions or questionnaires they could send my way for this project?

Email is txhrperson at yahoo period com


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  • In the past I have asked different questions to different groups of people. 

    To the employees that have recently been hired:

    1. What recruiting sources were you using to find a job for this industry?
    2. What was it about our job ad that made you want to apply for the position?
    3. What did you learn about in the interview that made you interested in our company and this position?
    4. Was there anything (good or bad) that you wished we had talked about during the interview process that would have made the decision to join our company easier for you?
    5. In the short time you have been here, what have you liked best about the organization?
    6. Anything that we can do to make this a better place to work?

    To the employees that have been with us for some time:

    1. What is it about our organization that has kept you working here for a number of years?
    2. Anything we can do to make this a better place to work?
    3. Would you recommend our organization to someone you know?  If so, what are the reasons you would do so?
    4. We are currently using these recruiting sources.  Is there any other sources you have heard about through your networking with vendors/partners/customers?  (Remember I am in IT and many of my employees have to have training and certifications, so they are constantly networking with people outside of our organization.)

    I do get some funny answers but most are willing to give me honest feedback on what they like and don't like.



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