Kick Me -- What?!?


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  • Things like this make me groan. On one hand, there is value to the camaraderie that comes from joking around and even office pranks, but like anything, you have to know your audience. You can't just joke around with anyone, and when you do joke with co-workers, you have to make sure it is office appropriate.

    Not knowing about the "pattern of bullying" that is mentioned, I am not sure what I would have done in the same situation, but I will say it sounds like the complainant wasn't a good culture fit, and for us, that's a pretty big deal.

    If the matter hadn't gone to the police, I think it could have easily been handled internally, but once someone goes outside the organization to law enforcement, I think you almost have to fire the jokesters, if only from the point of mitigating future lawsuits.

    To be honest, this story makes me sad. I am all for eradicating bullying when it [B]actually is[/B] bullying, but in general, I think people need to grow up and stop relying on the workplace (and management) to parent them.
  • I have to agree - this type of behavior makes me groan too. With that being said, we have a pretty low tolerance for any type of behavior that involves "touching" another employee. I would have to ask for a discipline board review. Those are only called when termination is a possibility. To me it does not matter whether or not he went to the police.**==
  • Something the article doesn't mention is how hard he was kicked? Did it leave marks on his clothing? A simple tap with the side of the foot that left no mark is one thing. I hard kick with a pointed-toe boot is another, especially if I am wearing my best suit and the kicker had just walked through some tar.

    Something tells me there is more going on here than simple horseplay, but it does remind us that horseplay really isn't ever just 'simple'.
  • I'm with Nae.

    We're an at-will employment state and, as the deputy county attorney who would get asked to advise on this I'd say fire the signmaker, for being so immature as to think that was funny and for being so unprofessional and disrespectful, and fire the kickers for being so stupid and because they committed battery (which, in our state, is any unauthorized touching). Then again, like Nae says, if it was a gentle, joking, side-of-the-foot thing, no. If it was a big whack or really anything than a gentle nudge, however, I would not want to retain two such idiots in our employment. Our state hasn't had any negligent retention suits yet, but this just screams for one. What are these people -- five years old?!

    I don't think kicking (as opposed to a joking nudge, mind you) is ever appropriate workplace behavior. Unless you're a cow or a racehorse.
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