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I have been tasked with providing a list of management policies that we might implement. We are a small manufacturing company, around 100 employees. We have current comprehensive SOPs, Safety Policies and an Employee Handbook. We do not have Management Policies, per se. I know we need Finance and Procurement Policies but I do not know if a company our size needs other Mangement Policies or a Management Policy Manual. Any resource or feedback would be appreciated.


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  • Hi,

    Almost any policy could have management and nonmanagement versions but here are a few you might consider:

    Ethics and Conflict of Interest
    Open Door
    Confidential and Proprietary Information
    Contact with News Media
    Authorization to Hire
    Employment Contracts
    Employment and Temp Agency Procedures
    Employment of Relatives
    Travel and Entertainment
    Membership in Professional and Civic Organizations
    References (How to Avoid Accidental References on Social Media)
    Comp Time
    Incentive Pay
    FMLA - Key Employees
    MBA Program
    Security and Loss Prevention (Management's Role)

    You may already have some parts of these in your Finance and Procurement policies but it's okay to have them in more detail separately as well.

    Hope this helps.

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