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For the past few days when I log on, the topics of Store, Hot Topics, Forum , etc are no longer in the horizontal blue line. The words are now vertical and I can only see Store, Hot Topics and the top half of Forum. The others are hidden behind the ad for Webinar - Coming Aug 24. Is this a problem on this end?
Thank you,


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  • Dutch,
    I had that same issue a yesterday when I was working from home. Today in the office, I've opened the forum in both firefox and IE, and the page looks fine.
    I'm going to forward your comment and my experience on to our IT guys, and I'll let you know what we come up with.

  • Our IT guys are on the ball this morning. Here is their suggestion:
    Some changes were made to the style of the navigation bar and sometimes browsers don't pick up the changes right away.

    Once you are on the page, reload or refresh the page.
    In IE you should be able to just click the refresh button or hit F5. In Firefox it's best to do Ctrl-Shift-R.

    If that doesn't work, you need to clear the cache.

    To clear cache in Firefox:
    Go to Options -> Privacy and click the link that says "clear your recent history". Make sure the time range to clear is Everything. Uncheck all options except cache. Click OK.

    To clear cache in IE:
    Go to Internet Options -> General (tab). In Browsing history section click Delete... Uncheck everything except Temporary Internet files. Click Delete.

    Let me know how it goes!
  • Don't know what you did but it is working now!
    There has been so little action on the boards lately I could not help but wonder if this was also a problem for others.
    Thanks muchly.
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