Social Media Policy

Does anyone have an active social media policy at their company? I actually wrote one but it basically applies to not sharing trade secrets, for example, and, in new hire training, I advise against posting disparaging comments about co-workers but especially supervisors. However, I want to get at something else here: private communictions.

Let's say you have a situation where a male employee "messages" a female employee stating "sure, under different circumstances and different situations, I would have went after you in a heartbeat". So, the female employee states "Yeah, I always thought you were cute. Well, if you play your cards right you never know." Then, the male employee has a stroke of conscience seeing where it is heading and says he wants to be friends. The male employee is engaged to a teacher in the school system and the female employee is married. Any issues possible harrasment (which I see none because nothing happened) but maybe a little moral issues possibly. We have caught females administering "jobs" (I don't think I can spell it out, right? But we're adults here - you know what I mean) to other males out here at the plant. Opinions?


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