Photo Thread: Show Us Your Workspace

I thought this might be a fun diversion for those of us not partaking in a three-day weekend.

Those of us in the Brentwood, Tennessee offices at BLR recently moved into a new building with all new workstations/offices/etc. We've been itching to personalize our spaces, but until everything and everyone was settled, we'd been asked to keep our Tiger Beat photo spreads, Justin Bieber paraphernalia, and "Hang In There" cat posters to a minimum. Bummer, I know. How can we be expected to think in such conditions?!

But just last week the Decorating Moratorium was lifted, and the people did cheer and rejoice! Except now I'm completely unmotivated and uninspired to do anything to my drab grey walls. The minimalist nature of them has started to grow on me.

So, let's see what your workspace looks like. Are there piles of paper on a desk, is your cube [url=]decorated to the nines,[/url] or is your workspace the passenger seat of your car? Do you have a favorite photo, trinket, or tchotchke that you'd like to show off? Now's your chance! :)
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