Speciality Medications

Curious as to how others handle the co-pays for "Speciality" medications. We have only two co-pays for Rx 'scripts: $15 & $50. We have recently learned that we have two Group Health Plan participants that have each been prescribed a speciality medication. One of these costs $1,333 per month and the other costs $3,000 per month. We do not want to price the medication out of reach for our ee's but feel their co-pay should be more than $50. Other than the ee co-pays for Rx scripts we are 100% self funded for pharmacy expenses. We have heard of setting a co-pay percentage - any where from 25% to 50% or a dollar amount of $100 to $500 or more, for these typs of medications.
Any comments about how you handle these 'scripts would much appreciated.
Thank you,


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