biggest loser

Several of my nieces have been involved in their own little Biggest Loser contest for weeks now, and have been posting things about it on FB. It inspired me to challenge my hubby to one of our own to start this Sunday. That led to me now organizing one here for my company.

We are working on an honor basis, and I am sending everyone a spreadsheet that will calculate the percentage of weight loss weekly and in total (to run 5 weeks). They will then weigh on Sunday then enter thier weight and report the percentages to me on Monday.

Since it is on the honor system, we have a small gift card for the winner. However, I have decided it is appropriate to recognize weekly winners by letting them have some trophy for the week, to be passed on the next week to the next winner. I will go shopping this weekend to see if I can find some silly looking statue or something to be our 'award.' I need help naming it though. I want something catchy, so I am appealing to you for help. What would be an appropriate name for something that is NOT an Oscar or an Emmy?


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