Great bosses

Ok, I know you are expecting this to be a joke since that is what you usually find from me in this section. However, I was just reminded what a great boss I have, and I wondered if any of you have any good stories you would like to share. I have lots of stories about my boss, but here is another. It is a small thing, but sometimes it is lots of little things that add up to reminding you that you have a great boss.

A colleague and I have taught a number of classes on understanding financial statements and HR metrics at our local SHRM chapter. Next month, we have been asked to teach the primary class at a chapter about 3 hours away. Due to the distance, I expect to be out for the day and so put in a leave slip. My boss returned it unsigned, but with a note that said it was work related.

I went to her and explained that I would not be representing the company at this event, it was not a result of any position I held within SHRM, and I did not expect the company to get any benefit from it. I thought it should be PTO. She told me that I was involved with SHRM because of my position here, and so she considered it work related. She waved off any further protests and told me that if I didn't feel comfortable with that, I could consider it comp time as I probably had plenty coming.

This was totally unexpected. She is not perfect, but she definitely qualifies for the title, "Great Boss." How about you? Care to share any stories of current or past Great Bosses?


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