Spring Break

What did you guys do in Kansas? We woke up this morning to 3 inches of a very wet heavy snow. Tree limbs are blocking several streets the snow is so heavy. We are to receive about two more inches of snow this morning, it is snowing hard now, and then turning to snow and rain mix this afternoon. Predictions are still for 70 degrees by Thursday of this week. Great week for the better half and boys to be out on Spring Break. Just gotta luv this weather... we were in jeans and t-shirts Saturday getting the garden spot ready. Guess we will have to wait a bit now.


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  • Dutch:

    Don't blame us, we are as surprised as you! Hubby and I went out golfing Saturday. It was beautiful, and he even wore shorts (hi in the 70's). Last we heard, the weather was going to be slightly cooler, but stay beautiful all week. It snowed 2-4 inches last night and continued to come down heavily this morning. The trees look like we should have Christmas lights out, not signs talking about St Patrick's Day.

    At least it is not sticking to the roads or sidewalks. Only 2 weeks ago one of our board members stopped by and slipped on black ice near our front door. I DO NOT want a repeat of that episode again.
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