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Exempt employee attempting to "trade" days off to avoid using vacation
(Worked last Saturday, plans to work this Saturday) Took yesterday and today off.
Days off crossed pay weeks
No one has ever attempted this before and we don't want to allow it.
1) Is it allowed?
2) Doesn't it make her look hourly?
3) Wouldn't within the the work week apply? or not b/c exempt?
This is giving me a headache and I know it is not that complicated> .


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  • We would not look at it the same way you are describing. Exempt employees are paid for a job so when they work and how long they take is not our focus. Instead we focus on the work performed. Unless you have a policy against it, you could let this employee work whenever it is convenient for you both and will still get the job done.

    Having said that, we have a policy that we enforce and administer consistantly. Exempt employees are paid by the week and will receive their full pay (exception: fmla) regardless of how many hours they work (or when). If they take a full day off during their work week we will reduce their leave bank by 8 hours. If they come in and work for 15 minutes and then leave for the day, we won't touch their leave bank. This has worked well for us for years, though we do have a couple who are pushing it right now.

    I remember once working 30 days straight. M-F I worked from 7am to 10pm, came in and worked almost the same hours on Sat. and then worked half days on Sun. The project got completed, but I ended up sick. The days I took off to get well came out of my leave bank. Since that was the policy and it was administered fairly, I didn't complain (at least, not at work. :) )

    Good luck!

  • Thanks, Nae. . you are helping my thought process..
    So, if you took a full day off Monday, then worked that Saturday would you still reduce the leave bank 8 hours for that Monday?
  • Following our policies, we would reduce the leave bank. However, on rare occassions the boss has told an employee who has gone above and beyond to take the day off. On those occassions the employee is not charged vacation time. It is VERY rare.

    So, your policies are what you make them. If you don't have a problem with this employee's idea, it doesn't go against your policies, and no one makes sure he works a full 8 hours (counting hours on exempt employees is always a bad idea), you can go ahead. I personally would be reluctant to do so. It sets a bad precedent and someone has to be responsible to make sure employees are making up time. Then once you start worrying about time... you see my point? I see this as one of those things allowable but not advised.

    Good luck!

  • We have a flex-schedule policy which would allow the employee to do what you are describing, but ONLY if it is requested AND approved IN ADVANCE.

    Otherwise, if you're scheduled and not here we pull from your leave bank. If you have no leave left and miss the entire day, it's unpaid.
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