Aunt Catherine's stuffed flank steak.. .for Margaret

I have procrastinated on this as I no longer even have the recipe and every time I make it and it comes out differently. I have changed it quite a bit since I first got it from my Aunt, but want to credit her. Besides being a great cook she allowed us to do things like have pie for breakfast (much to my mothers chagrin)We miss her still

1 large flank steak shaped as rectangularly as you can find. (I plan on 3/4-to a pound per person)

Beat flank steak..the more the better

Diamond score one side

Marinate ( I use whatever strikes my mood, but at minimum rub with olive oil and season, ie a little garlic powder or Emeril's BAM) The longer you marinade the better

Stuffing-again, make your favorite. I keep it pretty simple. A combination of Pepperidge farm seasoned cubed and non cubed. Less of the cubed. I guess the amounts based on the size of the steak. Add parsley, tyme, sage, sauteed onions and celery, Lots of melted butter. Am sure something fancier like Don's would also be good.

Place stuffing down the center length wise of the steak. Pull up sides in the middle and skewer (metal ones like for turkey) add more stuffing, continue to pull up sides and skewer. I use as many skewers as servings so it is easier to cut.

Bake in hot oven. . 400-425 for 20-30 minutes depending on how rare you like your meat.

I serve it with tangy green beans and rolls. I love it left over and cold.


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