Signs of the times

This is not at all a funny post so move on if you are feeling happy. Hired a great young man who started Monday, got his orders today for deployment up to one year. This is the third full time employee (so far) who was pretty much here yesterday gone today. All politics aside, this is one nostaligic elder who thinks I may be too old for one more war. Not looking for any response here, just needed to say it somewhere. Thanks.


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  • Sonny: I know how you feel. At the risk of "dating myself", as a young person, I saw many friends go off to Vietnam that didn't come back or came back damaged- some were high school friends, guys I dated. I had girlfriends that lost fiancees. A very senseless war with a stupid outcome.

    Desert Storm saw more of the same in my workplace. Deaths, lives torn apart, etc. I don't look forward to another war, but I hope we, indeed, take care of this situation once and for all so that we don't have to go through this again. I hate war, but I hate some egomaniac endangering the entire world just as much.
  • Sonny: Let us still remember the common people living in Iraq, how much they have suffered and will suffer. Pray for them.

    My parents lived under the Japanese occupation in Manila. They were lucky to have survived. The city was ruined when the Americans came to liberate the people. It was here, that I was born in 1946. After several years, we moved for a better life in Cebu. Later on, I moved to America.


  • It is also a sign of the times that people will use what is happening to claim discrimination for every little thing. Sad, but true.
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