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I have a witches hat in my office with a small sign on it that reads "The Witch Is In" (a gag gift from my husband). Our V.P of Facilities noticed it yesterday, and asked me where I had gotten it - he needed to order another dozen or so ....................


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  • Don't tell him! It will diminish the value and impact of YOURS! Let him come up with an original idea of his own, not steal your husband's. I have a crematory urn on my book case and it has a sign on it saying "Ashes of Problem Employees". I have actually arranged it where it can't be seen by the masses, who might not think it's funny. I have to invite you to see it.
  • I have the same urn for ashes. It was given to me by my assistant. I also have several cartoons that employee's have sent me, most are Catbert. There was a time they viewed HR as Evil, thanks to my predecessor. We have come a long way.
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