"Tickle Me Elmo"

I hope noone is offended by this joke...my apologies if you are...but I heard it and nearly fell out of my chair from laughing too hard.


The Tickle me Elmo factory needed to hire someone to work on their production floor. The HR manager talked to the woman who got the job to go over her job duties and her start time for the next day. Excitedly she left and said she'd see him tomorrow.

Mid morning the next day, the production manager storms into the HR managers office. "That girl you hired is holding up my production!"

"Why, what's going on?" the HR manager inquired.

"You need to come see this for yourself" the floor manager replied.

Together they walked out onto the production floor. Sure enough, Tickle me Elmo's were backed up the assembly line. There at the start of the backup was the girl he hired the day before. She had a bag of marbles and the material used for the Elmo dolls. Carefully she put glue on each marble and wrapped them in the red material. Then just as carefully, she'd sew 2 of the wrapped marbles between Elmo's legs.

The HR manager almost laughed out loud. He said to the floor manager, "I'll take care of this." He walked over to the woman and said, "I believe there may have been a misunderstanding in your job duties...

...your job is to give Elmo two test tickles."


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