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Have any of you had the experience when a salesman is in the lobby looking for you as you happen to walk by and you get that rush of panic that the receptionist is going to say "oh, well there she/he is now!"
This happened to me this afternoon! The receptionist was so wonderful, she told the man that I had left for a conference in Chicago and wouldn't be back in this week. I was so greatful I bought her lunch! x:7


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  • Our receptionist hates telemarketers. If one calls and asks for the name of the Human Resource person, she says she can't give out that information. If they say that is public information, she tells them that means they should already have it. She protects me like a mother bear protects her cubs.
  • Hey people, whatever, do NOT fill out those forms at the mall that supposedly give you the chance to win a new car ! Those forms ask for work and home telephone numbers. I did fill out just one form, and regretted it. The form was copied and passed around to many telemarketers - and over a period of two months , every day,a different telemarketer called me at work ,asking for me by name, and tried to sell me something else.It drove me nuts. I finally told the last person, that if I got one more call - I was going to attatch a device to the phone that would make a lot of loud noise, and use it on their ears ! No one has called since. :)
  • We set up an special extension that takes all "sales" calls whether its for Purchasing, HR, IT, etc. When the switchboard receives a call asking for a department rather than a name of an employee, she diverts it to this number. Two or threee times a day she listens to the messages and passes on any that are pertinent. 95% are deleted. x}>
  • Hey!

    Remember the Seinfeld episode when a telemarketer called Jerry and he asked the telemarketer for his home phone number and he refused to give it to Jerry? Jerry then said "Well I guess you don't want to be bothered at home huh?" The guy evidently replied back "No." Then Jerry said "Now, you know how I feel" and hung up. I think that's a priceless one. I used it a couple of times and they don't know how to respond!
  • I always try to remind myself that they are just regular people doing a job. "Telemarketers" are not a certain type of people with a certain set of beliefs and habits. They are doing that particular job because it is easy, it pays well and the hours are often flexible. They could be young students putting themselves through school or a parent working in the evening while the other parent is at home with the kids. They could be our kids, our parents, or brothers or sisters. They are not evil people personally out to get me. I answer each question with, "no thank you, I'm not interested" and as soon as I get an opening, I hang up. I try not to take my frustration out on them personally. They are just doing their job, I tell them I'm not interested, and they can move on and do their job and talk to someone who might be interested. x0:)

    Ok. You can all slam on me for being too nice to telemarketers now.
  • Nope. I won't slam you. I will just dust off your halo!
  • I must agree with you, I try to be nice to them the first time that they call. Although one day my halo went down and my horns came up after getting the third call that day from the same company. When I got the second call I politely stated that they had already called once and I wasn't interested, but when the third call came in I blew. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was refused just getting the comment that they could help me.

    Now who's the schmuck
  • I used to treat telemarketers rudely at home or at work, but I too decided there must be a reason why someone would want to be a telemarketer. I wait until they take a breath and say something about not being interested at this time, thank you for calling and quietly hang up.

    It's true, these jobs are especially helpful for students. My teenaged son has worked as a telemarketer and has done very well. He said he really only got a couple of rude people per day. I was very glad that I changed my attitude about them - before he started doing the job.

    In our state, Missouri, you can place yourself on a "no call list" through the Attorney General's office. We did so about a year ago and the calls dropped off dramatically.
  • Talley: I guess why people dislike them so much is they call at the most inopportune times and obviously read from a script about 90 miles an hour so it's almost impossible to interrupt.

    I got a call last night from our cablevision company wanting to know if I wanted to buy a new digital cable box that would record programs on another channel while I was watching a program. I asked him why would I want this when I couldn't find any decent programs to watch on one channel!
  • I don't mind long distance services calling me anymore. They can never offer me anything better than what I have and they hang up. They call and say,"We can offer you $.07 a minute on long distance." And I answer, "Really? I pay 2.9 cents a minute on They ask, "Oh, but do you have a service charge?" And I reply, "oh yeah. It's .75 cents a month." I usually end up giving the long distance service reps a sales pitch about I've had it for over two years, and I love it. It's especially handy if you travel. You can call from anywhere, to anywhere, and it's 2.9 cents from your home area, and 3.9 cents to use there 1-800 access number. It's like a prepaid calling card. You charge your time over the internet and never receive a bill.

    I'll get off my soap box about BigZoo now. x:D
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 11-01-02 AT 12:04PM (CST)[/font][p]Sorry for the hijacking this thread, but couldn't resist sharing a better deal!

    >You can call from anywhere, to anywhere, and it's 2.9 cents from
    >your home area, and 3.9 cents to use there 1-800 access number.

    Ruskanen - Check out [url][/url] - 2.5-2.9 cents per minute and no service fee. We've been using it for a year or two.

  • I agree with you and do the same thing. My husband says I'm too soft. He should see me at work some time, having to deal with ee trying to play the system, I don't think he'd say I was to soft then :-)
  • I just ask them to please hold on. Then I set the phone down and go get a cup of coffee, etc.
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