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Have you all heard about this one? It's a new reality T.V. show called Human Resources, where unemployed workers vie for jobs and viewers call in and vote for the person they think should get the job. It's a huge hit in Argentina, where half the population is unemployed, but there is talk of doing an American version of the show. This link takes you to an article about it:


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  • Now I've truly heard it all!
    What will they think up next?

    Office Survivor?
    The show that has 16 people holed up in an office building with the only food coming from months old vending machines...having "chair races" and who can make the most copies in the shortest amount of time contests...

    Maybe Big Brother HR??

    Sign me up!

  • Actually, I think a "real" company would be interesting. Set up a company. Hire a bunch of employees. Let them know that basically EVERYTHING is going to be filmed. And roll cameras...

    I can see the teaser now...

    "Bill from accounting has been taking other people's sandwiches from the lunch room for three straight days. Watch as Sally from marketing finally confronts him! Meanwhile, Susie the office managers inability to communicate has seriously damaged her credibility. And what is that smell coming from the shredder? All on the next episode of "Workplace!"

    It could happen...


    (The above idea is the intellectual property of PaulinCannonBeach. All proceeds derived from said idea should be given to Paul in the hopes that he can determine once and for all if money can buy happiness.)
  • I would like to participate in Workplace Survivor...but I don't want to be HR....I want to be the one giving HR all the headaches (papercuts, do they qualify for WC?). The things I've seen in HR, I could be an awesome pain in the rear.

    Paul.....It can't! It might help for awhile...but money is the root of all evil...or so I'm told.
  • The last time we had layoffs I was joking around with upper managment that we should do it "Survivor style". How fun would that be? Vote off your least favorite co-worker. I could have fun with that one! x;-)
  • I just LOVE this forum! Only problem is, I might be term'd due to the excessive laughter caused by reading your posts! I am the lone HR person here, and NO ONE's so great to have you guys around!
  • Yeah.. the sitting alone in your office laughing uncontrollably might be hard to explain to your co-workers.

    Here's a question, if you spend to much time in the HR HERO website do you eventually acquire super powers?

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