Carrot Top?

Are there any redheads on the Forum? Today's newsflash has it that redheads require more anesthesia during surgery and are slower to 'come to' after surgery. How does this translate to your ability to make quick HR decisions and do you see redheads as becoming the next 'protected group'?


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  • Don, I can only guess. You have way too much time on your hands. Under what guise was this "study" performed? If you are not careful, the Forum's redheads will come forward with a petition to have Pork hold you while they dye your hair fire engine red. Then you can answer your own question. 8-}
  • Hey, I'm a redhead. I've had multiple surgeries during my 30 years of life and while I really like the feeling right before it's lights out, I don't think it takes longer for me to recover.

    I would say that this also does not impact my decisions, it just means that my decisions are sometimes more direct and brash. I would relate red hair to this characteristic. I think that we are also full of attitude and cockiness since everyone wants to be like us and dye their hair red. I find it amusing.

  • I think you make a good point. When a red-head is born into a family, often everybody is scrambling to figure out who was in the woodpile. And then somebody always shouts, "My great granddaddy had red hair!" But, when a woman turns 19, she is required to experiment with shades of red/auburn. It's sort of a right of passage I think.
  • Not that I mind, I find that I'm strangely attracted to redheads of the fairer gender.

    It's just that, well, some people just don't look right with red hair and would look much more attractive if they would just keep it natural.
  • Don, yes there are redheads on the forum. As a real redhead I learned from an early age how to be calm, cool, and collected. All of these attributes have helped me as an HR Manager (yeah, right). My education on how to control my reactions and temper came from years of hearing "I'd rather be dead than red on the head" or from being called a "Redheaded Woodpecker". Although, I must now admit to sometimes slamming the phone down after a particularly unpleasant call from a former employee, and maybe sometimes saying words that would not be considered proper for a deacon's daughter. Right now I have put in a request to turn a unused storage closet into my own padded room. Ah, the life of a Redheaded HR Manager....can it get any better?
  • I think Neil Diamond now has red hair.
  • You're confused's actually octagenarian blue.
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