Why I love this job!

Ok, we griped, we vented, we moaned, and complained. Yet we persist in HR! Why is that? What's the positive side to this rewarding/frustrating job that keeps you coming back day after day?

I will start... in HR I feel like I can make a difference. I feel I have a direct connection to an individual's employment experience. When someone comes to me and says "this is the best job I have ever had. I've never been treated this way before!" then I know I have done something right.

You might not be able to change the world, but you might make a change that will mean the world to one person.



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  • I have three if you will indulge me:

    1. The employee that we counseled with repeatedly about getting help with alcoholism. He was 55 years old and had an alcohol problem for years that the company had ignored. We finally fired him after numerous warnings because we were "enabling" if we didn't. I worried that he would go home and drink himself to death. Nine months later, he showed up with his 6 month sobriety chip and asked if we would re-hire him. He said that getting fired made him realize that he's hit rock bottem and had to do something. We re-hired and he's still there and sober last time I checked.

    2. The employee who made an appointment with me and wouldn't tell anyone what it was about. She was a real blunt one. If she hated something the company did, she was quick to tell you about it. When we sat down, I steeled myself as she said, "In our training class last week, you said something and I needed to come see you about it. You joked that being in Human Resources, no one ever comes to your office to tell you they love their job and they just had to come tell someone about it. I thought that was awful, so I made an appointment to come tell you that I love my job and I appreciate everything you do to make the company better. I don't always agree with all that you do, but I know you always try to do what you think is best for the employees and the company." I almost fell over!

    3. A person that worked for me who told me I was her "minotaur". It was a wonderful complement once I figured out she meant "mentor".

    Isn't this a great profession! No other job provides moments like these!

    Margaret Morford
  • Paul
    The thing I missed most about HR (I took a break to get my MBA) was the opportunity to look at a problem 10 different ways, analyze it, and make a recommendation on how to proceed while under pressure of a time schedule. I know it sounds unbelievable, but I really did miss this type of hectic, fast-paced world of HR. Now that I am back in the midst of it.......I wonder.
    Just call me "Crazy in Missouri"
  • Hmmmmmmm Could it be because the time when you hired the applicant who couldn't spell and barely write? Turned out to be the best machinist the company had. Or the time John lost everything in the fire and HR provided a home base to gather donations from fellow employees and a place to come and just be with friends and co-workers?

    Or maybe it is because you see a high school drop out decide to go back to school. Today s/he is head of your Engineering Department in charge of product development.

    Then again,it could be for the opportunity to wear all the different hats that are tossed at us. x:7
  • Paul,

    You echoed my sentiment at the end of "what ticks me off". It is what makes the "stressors" of this job all the more bearable...being able to make a difference.

    I also love when an applicant / employee sends you a personal "thank-you" for interviewing them, when they tell you things like, "...thank you for making me feel so comfortable and at ease...", and my personal favorite: "...thanks for believing in me and hiring me last July...in today's world it's wonderful to meet genuinely nice people like yourself..."

    My wall is filled with personal thank-you notes such as these...and all I need to do on a particularly stressful or hectic day, is turn and see all those who've appreciated the good I've done in helping them. It puts a great big smile on my face!

  • This may sound convoluted, but I'll try not to make it that way. Just this morning (7/9/02) I was 2 hours late. Had to be towed to a repair shop because my vehicle would not crank. While in the lobby I saw a guy I thought I recognized from maybe 6 years ago or so. I called his name and he stood up and walked over and we talked. This guy, Robin, is a successful salesman and has been sober for 17 years. His family is solid now and he went on and on about how things have turned around for him. I reminded him that about 8 years ago he meant so much to our family when he was working with the boys in a youth group, telling how he had hit rock bottom and trying to be sure they didn't repeat his behavior. I told Robin two hours ago, "You really made a difference in Richie's life (my boy), and it may not mean as much to you as it did to us, but I want to thank you." You would have thought I had just delivered a truckload of gold to his front door. He almost collapsed with a beaming smile and all this time he was telling me how much it meant to him to hear me say that about the work he had done years ago with the boys. SOOOOO, I reckon that's one thing that keeps us going; those occasional but rare times when somebody comes around years later and tells us we really made a difference in their life. I had no intention of doing so, but, this morning, two hours ago, I made that man feel better than if Ed McMahon had come to his front door!
  • I always knew Don had a soft, sensitive side!!

  • I forgot for a minute there that I'm supposed to be grumpy! I have to watch that.
  • Not grumpy. We think of you as the Forum Curmudgeon-in-Residence. It would be a lot less lively without you!

    Margaret Morford
  • I had to look that word up. Now I'll have a bad day! cur-mud-geon: miser,crusty, ill-tempered, old man. Hey! I'm none of those!!! I give money away and spend it freely, I'm a pushover, I laugh all day long and I ain't old! x:P
  • There...There... Don't pout. It gives ya wrinkles and makes ya look old. x:P
  • Very cool, Don! And as I have told you before, you definitely keep us on our toes and thinking. I am sure that many others, including myself, really enjoy your input on all of these topics.

    And I agree with everyone, this job is great because of the difference you make.
  • I'm 2nd generation in family business & have worked for the mfg/mail order company for 27 years. (Small co-50 EEs). I've worked in nearly every department. Currently, Acctg/HR/CSR Supervisor. As part of management I have direct input on direction
    of company, but working in HR keeps me in direct contact w/ all employees, not
    just dept. supervisors. I believe my best opportunity to "leave" something
    behind in work ethic, company integrity, and quality employment practices is via
  • I love that fact that I am constantly learning new things! This is definitly a job that you will always learn and grow. And then after I learn new things, I get to teach it to try to make our company the best it can be. :)
  • I love this job because every day something different happens. It is not the same old thing every day. I work for a small consulting company (35 ee's) and enjoy wearing lots of different hats. It's fun to come to work day after day and find out that what you thought you were going to be doing that day is not true at all - something unexpected has popped up and fires have to be put out. I love the challenge of solving unexpected problems, although sometimes the day-to-day stuff feels good too. I enjoy the feeling that I have made an ee's day easier/better by solving whatever issue they bring to me. AND, being a small company I have time to help out in every department whenever someone gets behind - so I get to be the hero for the day. Doesn't get much better than this. (I could talk about some of the not so fun stuff too - but you all know about that - no need to dwell.)
  • What I love most is the ability to really and truly make a difference in people's lives. I work for an incredible company that gives me numerous tools --- such as paid serious illness leave, STD at 100% of pay, adoption assistance, childcare referral, elder care assistance, EAP, the list goes on. Nothing feels better than to have someone pop their head in the door and say "do you have a minute?". They sit down often frightened, sad, in pain and I can give them things that provide immediate relief, they leave my office with tears in their eyes and heartfelt appreciation for their "work family".

  • Krissan,
    Where do you work? That is so refreshing! A company that really careers about their employees. I don't know about you guys but I am tired of only HR caring about their employees.
  • Tis sad when we get more response / views for 'What ticks me off' vs 'Why I love this job'.

    Shame on us...let's try to focus on the positives!

    I love this job because I get to learn everyday. Each new day brings another challenge that I get to overcome. What could be better than that?

  • Good point HS. Hopefully the countin' isn't over and both threads will receive the same number of responses. I've noticed the number of posts to 'Why I love this job' that are posted on Tuesday are more than the total of all the other days combined. Maybe the Monday blues are gone and Tuesday is more positive, being the beginning of the rest of a good week.
  • Of course half of those "what ticks me off" posts are from Don, Christy, and HR Police discussing emotion icons. So keep that in mind... Hee hee

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