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Hi everyone, I was wondering how many of you have your application form on your website. What do you think are some of the advantages and disadvantages? Thanks for your input.


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  • I have read several articles lately that say accepting applications only via the web reduces the number of minority applicants. That would be a downside. It depends on what jobs you are recruiting for. We have some entry level healthcare jobs we would not be able to fill if we relied only on electronic applications, but our clerical and professional would not be a problem.
  • We have our applications on our website, but they are not interactive. The applicant must print the application and supporting forms and releases, manually complete, and then send everything to us. The availability on our website has sped up the process; we were relying on snail mail to get applications out.
  • Thanks for responding. I also have concerns regarding the discrimination factor. Having the application and releases on the website to download is a good idea. That way, you do have a signed release and application. I'm still on the fence with regard to this issue. Although I see the advantage regarding the time savings, I also don't want to collect a lot of unsolicited applications. I guess I'll do some more research and thinking! Thanks again for your input.
  • jj,
    During periods that I am not accepting applications, I just have our IT guy disable the link to the application.
  • We have our application on our website and when I run recruitment ads I list our website as one of the ways to apply. We employee a variety of positions from grounds maintenance, dishwashers, skilled labor and white collar employees . I have found that the applicants that are brought in for interviews are a pretty even match to our local demographics. We often get on-line applications from people who are planning to move into the area from out of state.

    One disadvantage is number of applications we receive for our skilled labor positions, that have no experience at all, but send in the application hoping that we have a position open that will match their experience.

  • We have used an on-line application system for about one and one-half years; and are very happy with it. We are a municipality, and our Human Relations Commission questioned whether an on-line application would tend to exclude minorities. The system we use NEOGOV (it is specific to public employers) has reporting capabilities which allowed us to look at the demographics of the applicants. We found that our applicant pool was actually more diverse than prior to going with electronic applications. We have a much better return on our investment than when we advertised in local newspapers that target minority populations. So, at least in our situtation, going with an electronic application has provided us with a more diverse applicant pool.

    We also believe that applicants from Generations X and Y (who are increasingly making up the bulk of our applicant pool) would much prefer the on-line application to paper and pen format.
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