Required Background Check

Does anyone have a sample of an authorization for criminal background check they would be willing to share with me? Or at least some advice for writing one? If all I need is conviction information, what parts of the FCRA do I need to consider? Help!


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  • Unless you are running credit checks also, I don't think you need to bother with FCRA for criminal background checks. Our authorization is on our application for the criminal check. It reads, "In order that the Company may arrive at an employment decision, I understand that the Company may do any or all of the following, and I hereby consent to the same:
    1. Investigate all statements contained in this application for employment.
    2. Request that I be fingerprinted.
    3. Conduct a criminal background check.
    4. Conduct a credit background check.
    5. Check all references.

    I understand that if I receive an offer of emloyment I may be required to undergo a pre-employment medical examination conducted by a doctor of the Company's choice, and to submit to drug screening. I also understand that my employment may be conditioned on the results of that exam and screening..."

    It goes on further, but I think this part may help you!
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