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We have an educational reimbursement policy that up to this point has not addressed online courses. Does anyone allow reimbursement for online courses and if so what criteria do you use to determine what educational institutions you approve? If you have such a policy and don't mind sharing please e-mail to [email][/email] or fax to (843) 443-8227. Thanks!


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  • If you approve the institution for brick and mortar classes would you not also approve them for online courses as well? Both online and brick and mortar classes have to meet the same criteria and are viewed the same by the institution. An A in an online class is the same as an A in a brick and mortar class.
  • A large number of the courses we reimburse for are online courses. These days so many classes are offered that way....I took an HR Management course through our local college several years ago and it was all done online.

    Unless you really have some doubts about the institutions that your employees are using to take these courses, I can't see any reason not to reimburse for online courses just like you would any other course.
  • I feel the same as all of you do...HOWEVER...we have a Division Chief and Administrative Assistant to CEO who are taking courses at a "brick and mortar" school and are questioning whether the online course are "as good" as theirs. This came up at a staff meeting and I've been "researching" the issue as all online courses have come into question. If we eliminated EVERYTHING online now days we'd be in a world of trouble.
  • Sue,
    I have done both and again I will tell you that the online courses were more difficult due to:

    The lack of interaction available with the instructor. You are on your own pretty much and have to be able to guide yourself through the course.

    The lack of interaction with the rest of the class. I know way back - when I went to the brick and mortar UTM - there were files in the sorority lodge where you could view previous tests and such. While working people today do not usually join sororities, the premise is the same. It is so much easier to sit and discuss questions with someone rather than have to post to a message board.

    I graduated with honors and my last two online courses had me in tears.
  • Agree with others. Just verify that the institution exists and has met educational standards. There are some fake sites out there that give out diplomas for a few bucks, but there are also many qualified education sources. Just verify that the organization and its diplomas are qualified.

    Good luck!

  • I went back to school and got a degree from a University that allowed me to take most of my classes online; so this hits close to home - sorry. For most working people these classes are the easiest to schedule.

    The online classes I took were more difficult than the courses I took at my other Alma Mater (a traditional four year University). Unfortunately, like Nae Nae said there are 'colleges' out there that are ruining the reputation of online courses. A little research will let you know if the school is accredited or not. x:-)

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