Supervisor Evaluations & Board of Directors

Our company is a private country club and has about 100 employees, 6 department heads, and 1 GM. Employee evaluations are done once a year and are the basis of an incentive program for the department heads. The executive committee of the board of directors would like to see the department heads evaluations. Is there a legal or privacy law that would be violated if this were to happen? The 9 member board is an unpaid and elected to the office for three years, 3 positions are up for election each year. This is a new request and it has never been done before by any other board. I'm uncomfortable and do not think this is appropropriate. It could potentially open the door to a pandora's box of unknowns.


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  • It seems inappropriate to me also. IMO, the only eval the executive committee should see would be the GM's, assuming he reports directly to the BOD.
  • My initial reaction is to agree with joannie... However, that being said, they are the "Board of Directors" and they are responsible for the entire operation of the Club. I would recommend that you communicate your concerns, be prepared to explain why in detail, and see what happens.
    Good luck...
  • We are also a private community & private club, owned by the homeowners association, with an elected Board of Directors, and operations headed up by a GM, with reporting departmental managers, 100+ employees. All evaluations are held strictly confidential within the appropriate employee and manager. The Board of Directors, Personnel Committee (comprised of 3 Board members), do not have access to any personnel records. The GM's evaluation is done by the Board President.

    You are correct in thinking it would open up pandora's box, but also it would be against employee's privacy and confidentiality issues.
    Hope this helps.
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