Employee Opinion Survey

Have any of you ever used an Employee Opinion Survey that you would be willing to share -- something that would measure a company's overall soundness as perceived by its employees? Thanks!


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  • Currently I have an opinion survey with our Police Dept - we are trying to decrease turnover. I will email it to you - it is only one page.
  • We have recently had an outside service conduct a computerized employee survey. We had an 87% response rate.

    I must caution you that unless you have a committment from the top to fix or address the issues that are presented, you will be in a bigger mess than you started.
  • We don't have a written survey as such.... however, every year our President/CEO sends out an "everybody" email requested them to make any comments they want about our company, good, bad or just what ever about any topic. He will then hold grass roots meetings over a period of a few weeks after all the comments are in to address all of the comments, questions, etc. This has really helped to eliminate many of the bad vibes around the office. Sometimes the answer to the question is - no. But at least it is addressed. Of course before he holds the meetings he goes over the questions with the appropriate depts. to ensure he understands the whys and why nots.
  • Dutch, I think that a great way to keep track of progress or lack of it.
  • Love the grass roots meetings idea!

    We just finished our online surveys. Response rate was disappointing, and I can clearly tell which supervisors promoted it and which supervisors did nothing. Evidently only a few of them cared about the free lunch for the staff, which was our incentive for achieving high participation. Those same supervisors are the ones who truly want the feedback, good and bad.
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