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If employee evaluations are scheduled annually on the employee's anniversary date, and an increase is given, should the increase be effective on the anniversary date or the date the evaluation is done? Sometimes our managers drag their feet and don't get evaluations done for six weeks to two months after an anniversary date, then they make the increase effective the day of the review. I feel the increase should be retro to the anniversary date of the employee. It isn't the employee's fault the manager didn't get the review done on time. What do others do?


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  • Everyone in my company gets their increase on the same day (except for union folks, thats scheduled according to anniversary date). But any other kinds of increases - professional growth pay increases, etc. are backdated to the effective date, not the date processed.
  • Our "unwritten" policy has been that if an evaluation is late, we retro back to the anniversary date. Whatever you choose to do just make sure you are consistent across the board.
  • We give the increase on the aniversary date. Used to do it like you do, but decided it was unfair to the employee who missed his raise because of a supervisor not doing his job. Now when the employee evaluation isn't done it is noted by the Director and adversely effects the Superivsor's evaluation
  • In an ideal world, the raise would be retro to the due date and the tardy supervisor would be disciplined for his lateness. Unless you tie the supervisor's compensation to the system, some supervisors will never, ever realize you are serious about timely reviews.
  • We too retro the effective date, if necessary, to the start of the pay period that was/is closest to their actual date of hire. HR sends out reminders to each Supervisor about upcoming evaluations and we counsel Supervisors if they do not complete evaluations on a timely basis. This is also a section on the evaluation form that we use for Supervisors. Evaluations (fair, consistent and timely)of employees is a very important part of being a supervisor and we hold them accountable.
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  • We retro back to anniversary date - although this will change in a month as we are going to annual wage reviews/increases during the month of January.

    Agree with other poster - unless you somehow tie the need for timely reviews to the supervisor's pay/performance eval./or bonus system - if they're late now, they'll always be late.
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