Unemployment Benefits

I have two questions:  We are having a mandatory shut down for our plant the week of March 16th.  Most of our employees who had vacation time rescheduled it for that week.  However, the question is in Texas can those who do not have vacation file for unemployment for that week?  Also, if they are getting their vacation pay can they also file for unemployment?

I want to be proactive so that our employees know what to expect.



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  • I don't think they can if they have and use paid leave.  They definitely can if they do not have paid leave to use.

    I worked for a company that closed for 1-2 weeks per year around Christmas time.  My own approach to this was "I don't know, you'll have to call TWC."  It's not really something I prefer to encourage or, when inappropriate, combat.  Encouraging it can increase your rates.  Combatting it when you know they'll win is a waste of time and harms your Company's reputation.


    Can I get unemployment insurance?
    I don't know.  Call TWC.

    Will I get fired, disciplined, or retaliated against for applying for UI?

    Willl you let me get unemployment?
    It's not up to me or even the Company.  You have to call TWC.

  • Thanks.  Its what I thought but wasn't sure.  I certainly don't want to encourage but if they ask... I like your answer!
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