Most Employer-Friendly Presidential Candidate: John McCain?


BLR ran a poll on asking "If elected president, which candidate do you think would be the most employer-friendly?" We received over 500 responses. John McCain received the most votes (38%) followed by Barack Obama (32%) and Hillary Clinton (20%). Mike Huckabee dropped out of the race about 24 hours after the poll was posted, but he still managed to receive 8% of the vote, and Ralph Nader received 3%.

We invite your feedback as to who you think would be the most employer-friendly president among these candidates. (Specifically I'm wondering why John McCain received the most votes--is it simply because he is Republican that he is viewed as more employer-friendly?)

We'd be very intersested to receive your insights into reasons why you believe any of these candidates would be the best president for employers, regardless of whether you voted.


Chris Ceplenski

Senior Editor, BLR



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