TV show "Moment of Truth"

Did anyone see that new show Moment of Truth where the guy's boss was sitting there and the guy admitted to rifling through coworkers' things and stealing money in a prior job? Wonder if he got to keep his job....


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  • I brought this up with my wife (who is also in HR) when we watched an episode one night.  Because most people are covered by the Employee Polygraph Protection Act, can anything they say on the show be used in a termination decision without raising the specter of a violation?  Can a person reasonably claim that their subsequent facially reasonable cause of termination was pretext for an actual cause stemming from information obtained during their interrogation connected to a lie detector?

  • Hey, read this interview wit show's producer.  Says no one from the show has been fired because of what they said

  • Here's another point - what if the person leaves his/her job and then tries to go get another job?  Would you hire someone who has admitted on national TV that they have stolen money at another job?  Something tells me that this issue is going to be up for debate just like the searching Google, MySpace, etc. is up for debate right now.

    I don't get why people want to go on national TV and "air out their dirty laundry"!

  • [quote user="IT HR"]

    I don't get why people want to go on national TV and "air out their dirty laundry"!


    I honestly don't get it either, except from what I have read about Generation Y wanting fame more than anything else.  But honestly a lot of these people AREN'T Gen Y!   Sometimes I think it is just arrogance.  They want the world to know that they can beat the system or that they are "right"....ala Dr. Phil.

    I remember watching an Oprah episode years ago when I was a SAHM that was about parents allowing children (13 yr old) to cohabitate at their house so they could be sure they were using protection. Gee, I can just imagine being that 13 year old girl...I am sure she really wanted her mom to tell the world about her habits! Stupid stupid people!

  • I could not agree more with the posts here -- I think the best way to get these shows off the air is to "vote with your feet". Don't watch the shows and they will go away (assuming that many other people feel the same way). At a minimum, I improve the quality of my life by not watching and keeping the trash out.
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