Employer provided benefits

Can anyone share with me the employer provided benefits offered to ee's in your company/agency? We are currently updating our handbook & eager to see if we are competetive.
my email is [email]hbodden@hacfl.com[/email]
Thanks in advance


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  • Funded 100% by employer:
    - Life insurance in amount of annual earnings
    - Long term disability insurance
    - Paid Time Off

    Funded partially by employer, partially by employee:
    - Medical insurance
    - Dental insurance
    - Vision insurance

    Funded 100% by employee:
    - FSA account
    - Short term disability insurance
    - Voluntary life insurance

    Funded by contributions from employer and/or employee:
    - 401(k) - Roth and Traditional, with company matching program
    - HSA
    - HRA
  • Funded 100% by employer:
    - Life insurance in amount of 1-1/2 times annual earnings
    - Paid Time Off (144 to 312 hours per year) and 6 holidays
    - Flu shots and other minor benefits

    Funded partially by employer (at least 80%), partially by employee:
    - Medical insurance
    - Dental insurance

    Funded 100% by employee:
    - Vision insurance
    - Long term disability insurance
    - Critical Care insurance
    - Suplemental and dependent life insurance
    - FSA account

    Funded by contributions from employer and/or employee:
    - 401(k) (2% match and 4% profit sharing by employer)
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    I wasn't sure whether to post this here or in the related Labor Day thread. Regardless, the news on the front page of the local paper today (and some of you may have seen this elsewhere) is that, nationally, employers are passing along the ENTIRE COST of rising health benefits to their employees. At least that is what is being reported in the survey conducted by the nonprofit Kaiser Family foundation and the Health Research and Educational Trust. From where you sit, is that really what has been going on?

    A Chamber official is quoted as saying that there "have been times when employers have been able to absorb costs. This is not one of those times." tk
  • It's too early to say for 2011, but so far we are all paying more. The employer absorbs a larger percentage, but the employee's share still goes up (or the deductible does).
    10 paid holidays
    6 paid sick days
    life insurance
    Medical/Dental/Vision - employee
    Flu Shots

    Medical/Dental/Vision - dependants
    401k match (employer)
  • I do not see how we could possibly pass a large increase entirely to the employee. However, I have not received my rates for 2011 yet. Would certainly be an advocate for continued cost sharing of the increase (especially since employees received no raises last year). It would mean that salaries are really going backwards to hit them with a large increase this year.

    IMHO -- those companies doing so are just asking people to drop coverages -- and that would be a nightmare for families. Say what you will, some benefits are absolutely necessary and health care is one of them.
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