vacation - woo-hoo!

I am very excited as I am traveling to Newport Beach, California tomorrow for a weeks vacation. I will get to see 90% of the people I love who don't actually live where I do. Plus, some of us plan to go parasailing. That is assuming I get through today. :)

My 16 year old grandson is house sitting for me. He is very responsible, and will take care of my pets. He gets to drive my car while I am away. It is a stick shift so we have had a couple of driving lessons this week. It has been a long time since I did anything like [I]that[/I]. (My baby is 31.)

I hope when I come back that there are tons of posts for me to catch up on.

BTW Paul: Happy Birthday tomorrow! I seriously doubt I will be online tomorrow to say it then. Hope you have a great day!


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