401K seminars

I have just inherited the 401k program, I will be handling all aspects of this program. I am a novice at this, is there anyone who could lead me in the direction of a good seminar and also areas where I can get good resource material, or know a company that does these types of seminars.


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  • I highly recommend SunGard Corbel's seminars. I have been to three and have always been extremely pleased with the instructors and the course materials. They offer a 3-day intro to 401(k) plans which would a great place for you to start. Their web address is 'www.sungardcorbel.com'.

    You also might want to check out self-study courses through ASPA or the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans. IFEBP offers the CEBS designation (Certified Employee Benefit Specialist) which comprises 10 college-level courses, but you can also take just three courses and earn an RPA designation (Retirement Plans Associate.)

    Good luck!
  • I forgot to mention two great books which you'll find to be really helpful. One is The 401(k) Answer Book put out by Panel Publishers. It's a question and answer book which is easy to use and understand and covers everything you need to know about 401(k) plans.

    Another favorite reference book of mine is "Quick Reference to ERISA Compliance" also put out by Panel Publishers. It tells you things like IRS reporting deadlines, what material needs to be issued to the participants and when, and gives you sample wording for all different types of communications.

    Good luck!

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