Sexual Harassment Training

Long day, been investigating a complaint, and it is obvious our guys did nothing wrong. However, while we discuss harassment when hired we have not done a full blown sexual harassment training program. It is obvious that this is overdue.

I did a search on the forum and had very limited results. SO I am asking for the formites help. Has anyone used a packaged sexual harassment training program that they would recommend?

I thank you in advance for you assistance.
My $0.02 worth.
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  • We use an interactive program. The vendor is Comply America. There is different training for employees and managers. Good luck in your quest.
  • While not a specific sexual harassment program, I have created a general harassment/discrimination training program, titled "Leading a Respectful Workplace" that included:
    * A quiz to test mgmt team's pre-training knowledge
    * A video from ABC mgmt videos titled "Leading a Respectful Workplace"
    * A presentation I created that reinforced concepts from the video, like a summary of Title VII, definitions of the different types of harassment, EEOC statistics (# of cases filed and $$ recovered for plaintiffs)
    * Sample cases - what was alleged, how the employer responded and that impacted the court's findings
    * Reinforcement of what to do if an employee complains
    * Reinforcement of how to build and lead a respectful workplace.

    Imho, it was very well received x:-8

    If you're interested, I'd be happy to share. It may not be what you're looking for - my training was broader than what you're interested in.
  • Hi, AJ, I'd love your materials! Please contact me at [email][/email]. Thanks!
  • I, too, could use this. My e-mail address is [email][/email].
  • If budgeted, I've always had a labor attorney provide the management group with a two hour program. Then the management team, led by HR, conducts the training for line supervisors and the rest of the workforce.

    The reason a lawyer is best for the upper level group is not primarily for educational benefit of the employees. It's to provide the two by four smack to the forehead by someone who knows for sure what money can derive from not paying serious attention to this subject. It's always much, much easier to gain the support of the higher ups for subsequent, ongoing and refresher training classes throughout the organization. After they've sat through it with the lawyer, you never hear one of them question your training plans.
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-05-04 AT 03:46PM (CST)[/font][br][br]If you have an attorney that works with your company, I would start with them. They will know your company's culture and be able to come up with something that will be most useful.
  • I've used the approach Don D referenced and found that to also be the best type of training, however in that my organization has small offices spread throughout the state, I've had to go to a packaged program as bringing everyone to a central location and limiting work activities is prohibitive for us. To use an interactive web based progam, it's been critical to make sure each employee had their own e-mail address with access to a compnay computer. To make a long story short, I found to be very good for our purposes. This is a San Francisco firm that has a significant number of interactive programs for managment and employees as well. Good luck.
  • I, too, use an attorney to start with our physician population. If they see how a lawsuit affects their "bottom line", they tend to perk up and listen.

    I have written and I also conduct the harassment for supervisory personnel. I use a purchased tape but just to emphasize certain points. Most of the training centers around the definition of harassment and certain behaviors that can be construed as harassment (hostile workplace, mostly).

    Also, emphasize how harassment situations can be prevented through good supervisory practices.

  • Thank you everyone for your input, it is appreciated.
    My $0.02 worth,
    DJ The Balloonman
  • AJ,

    That sounds like something I could incorporate into management training. My email is [email][/email]. I sure could use some help with this.
  • AJ,
    I, too, would greatly appreciate getting more info about the training material you put together - thank you so much for offering to "share"! My e-mail is [email][/email].

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